The news on Ground comes from 3 types of sources: directly from over 50,000 major news publications (newspapers, news TV channels, news magazines) across the world, trending social media (including select blogs and verified first-hand reports), and Ground users directly reporting from the location. If you cannot find your favorite news publication on Ground, you can submit it for review within the app.

All sources on Ground are vetted before they are allowed onto the platform. We check both publicly available information on the publication and its history of accurate journalism. Satire sources are allowed but clearly labelled. Although Ground users can suggest news publications for regions or views that they find under-represented, these publications are checked for accuracy of facts before their news is allowed onto Ground.

The Ground team takes no part in evaluating a Bias Rating on news publications or stories. Bias ratings are averaged from the published ratings by three non-profit news publication monitoring organizations: All Sides, Ad Fontes Media, and Media Bias Fact Check.

Ground endeavors to make users quickly, fully and clearly informed on both the most important news stories of the day as well as the news most relevant to the user’s personal interests. Universally-important news can be found in the Top Stories tab and a personalized set of news stories can be found in My Feed, which is algorithmically curated based on stated and observed reading behaviors. Ground exposes the user’s own reading behaviors in the Beta feature ‘My News Bias’. News sources are selected for each story to show a full and balanced set of coverage of the event.

All Ground users can submit feedback and suggestions through the ‘Feedback’ feature in the main menu of the app. Developers regularly review feedback to improve the app experience. Thank you for your suggestions!